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Herbal Extracts

Production of Herbal Extracts

The production of high-quality spissum extracts and dry extracts for the pharmaceutical and food industry is one of the company’s main business fields. Our service ranges from the actual extract production with a careful selection of the medicinal plants to the drafting of the appropriate accompanying documentation of the dry extract in compliance with the authorities.


The quality of the product is guaranteed by numerous chemical, physical and microbiological tests. For us, quality is paramount and we assure you that we only produce and provide you with high quality extracts. 

Modern production

Production is carried out according to the latest scientific and technical knowledge and includes the process steps of extraction, concentration, imperization, additive addition and homogenization, drying and grinding, blending and packaging.

Product range

Möller Pharma’s product range includes more than 100 different extract forms and types. For special requirements, Möller Pharma develops valid manufacturing processes together with the customer from semi-technical scale to production scale.

Möller Pharma is your partner for the production of any herbal preparation

We offer GMP-compliant production of

  • Powdered Extracts
  • Liquid & Soft Extracts
  • Tinctures
  • Special Extracts

according to your specification or based on existing monographs. We are also happy to advise you on the development of new extracts.

Möller Pharma is GMP, GMP+, KOSHER and HALAL certified and is also in the position to produce organic extracts.

We can offer you contract manufacturing of the following extracts:

Powdered Extracts 

Bearberry Powdered Extract

Uva ursi Folium

Belladonna Powdered Extract

Belladonna Folia

Boldo Powdered Extract

Boldo Folia

Cascara Powdered Extract

Rhamni purshiana Cortex

Cistus Powdered Extract

Cistus Herba / Folia

Ginseng Powdered Extract

Panax Ginseng Radix

Golden Rod Powdered Extract

Solidago Folia

Hawthorn Powdered Extract

Crataegi Flores cum Folia

Hedge Mustard Powdered Extract

Sisymbrium Folia

Hop Powdered Extract

Humuli lupuli Strobuli

Horse Chestnut Powdered Extract

Hippocastani Fructus

Java Tea Powdered Extract

Orthosiphonis Folia

Lemon Balm Powdered Extract

Melissa Folia

Licorice Powdered Extract

Liquiritia Radix

Mistletoe Powdered Extract

Viscum album Herba

Muira puama Powdered Extract

Muira puama

Nettle Root Powdered Extract

Urtica Radix

Passion Flower Powdered Extract

Passiflora incarnata Herba

Restharrow Powdered Extract

Ononidis Radix

Sweet Clover Powdered Exract

Meliloti Herba

Valerian Powdered Extract

Valeriana Radix

Willow Bark Powdered Exract

Salicis Cortex

Liquid & Soft Extracts 

Condurango Fluid

Condurango Cortex

Ginseng Fluid

Panax Ginseng Radix

Ribwort Fluid (ethanol / ethanol free)

Plantago lanc. Folia / Herba

Senega Fluid

Polygalae Radix



Arnica Tincture

Arnica montana Flores

Auranti Tincture

Auranti amara pericarp

Chamomille Tincture

Matricaria Flores

Chestnut Tincture

Hippocastani Fructus

China Tincture

(combined Tincture)

Comfrey Tincture

Symphytum Folia

Echinacea Pressed Juice

Echinacea purpurea Herba

Marigold Tincture

Calendula Flores

Myrrh Tincture

Gummi Myrrhae

Nettle Tincture

Urtica Folia

Sage Tincture

Salvia Folia

Valerian Tincture

Valeriana Radix


Special Extraxts

Our special extracts have been developed in co-operation with our qualified partners and can be supported by studies or special marketing information


Bluenesse® – Extract

to support cognitive performance

Cistus nurpha 717

Infection blocker

Cistus / Echinacea Extract

to protect against infections and respiratory diseases


More extracts from further herbs are offered as non pharmaceutical extracts or veterinary extracts. Please ask us for further information.